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Pants there's a casino heist coming 12th December
Comment from : AKlansman

Marc Gomez
You said it’s the last car
What do you mean by that

Comment from : Marc Gomez

I don’t know A name
There’s gonna be a heist on Decent 12
Comment from : I don’t know A name

frank mundo
Bogdan heist look it up learn it earn it.
Comment from : frank mundo

Arsalan M
i like how there's no rx7 replica in this game and there is this type of useless shit
Comment from : Arsalan M

Odyssey Fox
To be honest this car looks like ass lol still waiting for police cars
Comment from : Odyssey Fox

Your voice is soooooo annoying
Comment from : Starboy09

Kyle Burt
Why do u look like a cave man😂
Comment from : Kyle Burt

I'm gonna say it once


Comment from : GLITCHZZ Y4HYA

GUNMachine Productions
The gasser is meant for straight line racing
Comment from : GUNMachine Productions

Until next time, pace
Comment from : Awesomethunder4

Comment from : Awesomethunder4

DaiQuan Feemster
Can we plz get the Cybertruck Rockstar?!!!! Thanks
Comment from : DaiQuan Feemster

Donny Johnson
I’ve been disappointed in GTAs new car options... 😒
Comment from : Donny Johnson

Арктика Сервис
BlackPanthaa мерзкий задрот
Comment from : Арктика Сервис

Jeremy G
Get the nebula turbo already
Comment from : Jeremy G

King Kyah
Bruhhh I saw a trailer and I thought they were coming out with a new GTA game
Comment from : King Kyah

xXllSmokinllXx that gas
Hate it when shit drivers make car reviews ,I out ran and steered a tempesta in this car , this car is beast you have to use both brakes to get a perfect drift. It is stiff steering but if you can drive you can use the drift to kill it
Comment from : xXllSmokinllXx that gas

Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath
Am I the only one that think that the thumbnail was need for speed
Comment from : Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath

Everybody complaining about the handling, yo, do you know what a drag car is for?
Comment from : Formulacastle10

Camo Eye
The dlc comes out this December as it has been confirmed by rockstar, it’s also not the end of gta 5 for those wondering
Comment from : Camo Eye

Liam Turner
I believe I read somewhere that one of the devs for gta online tweeted that they will be making new content for atleast 12 months for gta online but theres no promises that an update will be released by the end of this year, and I read that on a legit looking website and not in a mrbossftw video😂
Comment from : Liam Turner

Like: Vapid Blade

Comment: Vapid Peyote Gasser

Comment from : DatAustralianMatt

Johannes van der Stuyvebode
Turning is actually shite
Comment from : Johannes van der Stuyvebode

LJ Phoenix
Oy Theo a reputable source for GTA online news is @TezFunz2 on Twitter. Never use mrbossftw EVER!!
Comment from : LJ Phoenix

Karyn Besley
You suck
Comment from : Karyn Besley

All u YouTubers are stupid it’s a drag racing car there’s no use for turning
Comment from : Theboomfoxer

Jirou HanZ
Remember lads, 1M subs and he gets a Vauxhall Corsa
Comment from : Jirou HanZ

Michael Cuckdrey
Teeth = Flames ?
Comment from : Michael Cuckdrey

Ty Martin
U are dumb
Comment from : Ty Martin

Face Q56
U should make a vid using the ford gt in nfs heat or the dodge viper srt
Comment from : Face Q56

WildThunder02 Gaming
I mean, this car isn't good for circuit racing, but drag racing, it's pretty good.
Comment from : WildThunder02 Gaming

KingZ - Life Is Good!
Hey can you do a review on the crew two ‘s NSX
Comment from : KingZ - Life Is Good!

Pretty sure there will be a new DLC around dec. 10th-ish. Or so the rumors go at least.
Comment from : Black黒と白

J Rosner7
A GTA leader said we are getting a new update December 10th and he’s positive of that so I think we are getting something new
Comment from : J Rosner7

A manager of a rockstar office has confirmed that there's still 12 months worth of updates for gta 5 soooooo
Comment from : Epic

TILMAN black well
it vett
Comment from : TILMAN black well

I subd you because i do car vlogs with my custom 350z and i seen you have a gtr r34 so it made me subscribe, do more car vlogs man
Comment from : DRIVENDAILYZ S

Haris Hassan
Stop showing us what the car looks like after the customisation.(in the thumbnail)
Comment from : Haris Hassan

Build a grip Chevrolet pickup and race it against ur friends that are in actual race cars (nfs heat)
Comment from : IMega

when are u going to get into the fivem stuff
Comment from : dnny

AJ Gamer :]
Rockstar should a camero and a Tahoe to gta online
Comment from : AJ Gamer :]

Waiting for a certain youtuber to slam it
Comment from : Metaldeth

mr magmind
This guy is funny looking he looks like a crackhead I'ma subscribe 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : mr magmind

yh one more big update to gta before 2020
Comment from : TF -P

Maria Lopez
Can you tell US how to makw your charter in GTA
Comment from : Maria Lopez

Kieran Fitzgerald
This car is literally a re-skin of the "tornado rat rod".......but lifted
Comment from : Kieran Fitzgerald

AlphaDawg ZHT
so is it worth it
Comment from : AlphaDawg ZHT

Who cares if it turns, it’s a drag car
Comment from : Landonius

11 Cats Gone Wild
Can you show use your crew name in need for speed heat
Comment from : 11 Cats Gone Wild

You should finish the Underground 2 Let's Play m8
Comment from : Filipe1020

Yamitza Mori
Hi can You go back Yo nfs heat studio the la Ferrari is somothing esle
Comment from : Yamitza Mori

Yamitza Mori
Hi can You go Jack to nfs heat studio i round the la Ferrari is somothing esle
Comment from : Yamitza Mori

The Most Random
Ug2 cancelled Soz
Comment from : The Most Random

Oliver Queen
Gta v will get December update, there were leaks from the insiders long time ago, probably cops and crooks or smth
Comment from : Oliver Queen

Nobody Nobody
Gta 6 is coming out next yr with the release of the ps5 and Xbox scarlet
Comment from : Nobody Nobody

xx KenSensor xx
Why did this take so long to release
Comment from : xx KenSensor xx

Harry Adams
Can you do a video on how to get the ghost recon truck on the crew 2
Comment from : Harry Adams

Just saying, gassers were used in straight line drag racing so turning was not really needed...
Comment from : Penday21

Erik Ehrmentrout
Yes, A true 1960's era Drag race car. "Gasser's" were made by everyday people to run on gas pump fuel. And driven to the drag strip. I think its Beautiful
Comment from : Erik Ehrmentrout

Olumide Aluko
bro i was watching this when i was black friday shoping
Comment from : Olumide Aluko

“Lets make this car road friendly”

Gets out of the garage and tries to drive over a car...

Comment from : Kroller99

Fast ford Gaming
Are you from the North?
Comment from : Fast ford Gaming

Ronaldo 7
Comment from : Ronaldo 7

george kas
bmw 1200 gs and ducati multistrada 1200 replica ?? why every day stupid cars only in gta5
Comment from : george kas

Gabriel Pessoa
Puta cara feio
Comment from : Gabriel Pessoa

Theooo can u play NFSW Night Riderz please ;( just search it on google. Its a free to play need for speed world remake with alot of cool content

8ball vertic
Nej for the first 2 minutes I thought there was some sort of filter on his face 😂
Comment from : 8ball vertic

Theo, you never customized the Paragon R you nob head. Also, an update is scheduled for December as it has been since 2013.
Comment from : AlphaSierra1196

Ray Ramirez
Gassers are 50s period correct 1/8mi drag cars
Comment from : Ray Ramirez

i stood up late and i was looking for a car and while i was looking the gasser just poped up
Comment from : Loosevlogs

Where is the nfsu2 tuesday?
Comment from : DarkThemGamer

new update is soon rockstar always do an update every december

Chariot Driver
I would say the closest thing to it is the I think vapid blade correct me if I’m wrong
Comment from : Chariot Driver

Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
Back in the 50's, drag racing was a more straightforward affair.
Comment from : Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz

Joey's Funny Stuff
We doing big PINKin' spending that CHEEEEESE

Who remembers old Theo and the original Crew game

Comment from : Joey's Funny Stuff

Finish underground 2
Comment from : Edenbulte

I think they're saying that it's the final car because I heard my brother saying that gta6 is coming out in some time around 2020 idk it's my theory
Comment from : NUM 1 BMW M3 GTR FAN

This car looks like you if you were a car
Comment from : Daspeedyboi

Adam Cornelison
Looks like a old piece of crap
Comment from : Adam Cornelison

It's a drag car the turning isnt supposed to be good
Comment from : SERVIN_EMUP Servin

insane professor x zone
Nice car.
Comment from : insane professor x zone

TyCade3 W
Comment from : TyCade3 W

Ramsey Case
they even made it turn bad but didnt even make fast enough to be worth the money except for the looks -.-
Comment from : Ramsey Case

Ramsey Case
its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo slow for a gasser
Comment from : Ramsey Case

Isuzu Slider
Damn you cant lower it with the glitch now cos bulletproof tyres XD
Comment from : Isuzu Slider

Adrijus Adrijus
Well of course the handling is bad its a drag car
Comment from : Adrijus Adrijus

Howler Gaming
Theo, you missed the SUV Car
Comment from : Howler Gaming

Jazeb Khan
What about the the crew live summit
Comment from : Jazeb Khan

hot wheels
They actually made the blower scoop move with the belt
Comment from : hot wheels

Darrell Wiegand
Love the car
Comment from : Darrell Wiegand

treerexaudi Official
Comment from : treerexaudi Official

Freddie Wildcat
You have made a pink Panthalassa car
Comment from : Freddie Wildcat

immxrtalizatixn .0000
It's nice tbh

but NFSU2 still cancelled soz

Comment from : immxrtalizatixn .0000

Plebbo Productions Uncancelled Soz
Looks like the Thunderbirds Rolls Royce
Comment from : Plebbo Productions Uncancelled Soz

Gvnz MyG
Every time a car starts in gta or nfs, “ohhh pretty meaty” meanwhile they all literally sound the same
Comment from : Gvnz MyG

"I prefer this type of roof instead of the vinyl roof" proceeds to put on black roof
Comment from : Raptor819

Nick22 Gaming
Buy the vapid blade
Comment from : Nick22 Gaming

Jax Laik
There is gonna be a December update according to a source that me and my buddies looked at this source predicted the casino updated gun running and import export so it’s pretty reliable
Comment from : Jax Laik

its literally slower than the c10
Comment from : Slorky

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