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Steve Thorn
How the fuck do you ever hope to be a winner when your name is Manig Loser?
Comment from : Steve Thorn

Toontt Toon
Adam.the.frog.is.​Maxine.​ Lover
Comment from : Toontt Toon

Media Buster
Worse damn commentary... it's like two guys in their underwear sitting home watching TV and just making boring comments.
Comment from : Media Buster

Media Buster
Maria is awful..
Comment from : Media Buster

Prize pool is low for a wpt
Comment from : untouchable360x

Wow, That last heads up hand was a 110K call. Great call.
Comment from : njmcw126

Michael Angst
The queens hand was not turning his hand to a bluff. Why are there so many fucking terrible poker commentators on every poker video?
Comment from : Michael Angst

Jake Turner
Leo.... use that cash to cut your ponytail off douche.
Comment from : Jake Turner

Hal King
Why can't you guys do sound properly?
Comment from : Hal King

Mr D
Commentary recorded in the lav at dusk till dawn
Comment from : Mr D

James Gilliam
I have noticed connected hands such as 45, 43, 65 are favorable to call vs AA, KK, and QQ.
Comment from : James Gilliam

These commentators keep on hating on bet-size til the end hahaha
Comment from : Linus

el Andy
Whaddya announcing from the bathtub in your hotel room? Come on WPT, step up the quality.
Comment from : el Andy

Maria "I like to cough into my hand when I'm sick" Lampropoulous
Comment from : guibox3

Craig Flick
you could slow it down more, I ? think it's possible. ..OUR at 12 minutes. ..yap yap yap yap for the love of God
Comment from : Craig Flick

Great upload! 🥰
Comment from : badbeatwilly

Mark G
Great echo filled microphone. NOT PROFESSIONAL.
Comment from : Mark G

Mean- Streak
ryan Mandara is actually Stephen Avery.
Comment from : Mean- Streak

Mean- Streak
How not to play JJ
Comment from : Mean- Streak

welsh logic
the man at the start of the commentary is less funny than a kick in the bollocks.
Comment from : welsh logic

Richard Berry
Fuckinell! I'm on an american based YouTube channel that hasn't got it's sound settings set to 'AAARRRGGGG!!'
Comment from : Richard Berry

Erik Vd Ven
Boring slow bitch maria
Comment from : Erik Vd Ven

Common Sense NOT too common
I hate Maria. She takes way too long to act every time. She needs to be on the clock every time. She always seem like she is sick.
Comment from : Common Sense NOT too common

terry hau
maria won the carribean one too; she plays unautherdox!! nice comm from dunst and little; missed dunst diaries in his early days! that's how he got his job in wpt
Comment from : terry hau

Sune Anderson
What happened to James stack?
Comment from : Sune Anderson

mark b
Good to hear johnathan little
Comment from : mark b

Мфртин Ротс
Simon nice bluffs in HU
Comment from : Мфртин Ротс

Опачки веселимся
Maria win all money only in UK
Comment from : Опачки веселимся

Антон Тихонович
Simon monster
Comment from : Антон Тихонович

Annoying when the commentators try to analyse every single hand. Bring back Lon McEachern and Norman Chad or at least have some decent pros analysing the hands
Comment from : Mike

Vitalya RYTP
Simon Persson great play in HU, after the wedding he changed he took his wife's last name, like online change nickname ))
Comment from : Vitalya RYTP

Michael Edwards
horrible final table except for Loeser who got beat on pure luck
Comment from : Michael Edwards

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