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mickey rat
Dude if it goes to 8k my life would dramatically change!
Comment from : mickey rat

Comment from : dojufitz

James Dean
he's wrong on manipulation. very wrong. the banks have a great thing going with their fiat dollar ponzi scheme wherein they can 'legally' counterfeit massive quantities of federal reserve notes and make a killing. If silver and gold were to allowed to trade freely and not have their 'price' dictated by the futures spot price, they would easily be selling for many multiples of their current price. But since JP Morgue-in is allowed to sell massive numbers of silver contracts (naked shorts), many multiples of the actual amount of physical silver in the world, they can suppress the price. This has been proven to be the case many times and the evidence is overwhelming that they are doing it. Here's what will allow the price to soar: when public confidence in the USD fades and the stock market and bond market both implode. This will happen eventually due to the massive debt in the system - and when it does, the bond market's traditional role as safe haven (risk off) will not be present. Thus people with money to protect will want to buy assets that preserve purchasing power - like gold and silver. Since there is only about 1 billion ounces of above ground silver on the planet since about 2016, it is a tiny market and the supply/demand curve will saturate causing the price to go exponential. thanks . ciao.
Comment from : James Dean

Frank Abler
This guy is full of shit!
Comment from : Frank Abler

stephen pack
Gold and silver are not get rich quick products these are hedges against inflation these are asserts that will maintain purchasing power those that are getting bored don't understand what an asett is. When paper loses its value you will not lose value!!!!!!!!
Comment from : stephen pack

1silver Ounce
I have some silver i want to sell this guy. I’ll give him a good deal I’ll sell it for only 150.00 an ounce. Did this guy work for Enron? They had a really good forecasting model as well.
Comment from : 1silver Ounce

Anthony Ferrante
its really attractive to see a beautiful woman talking about silver and gold
Comment from : Anthony Ferrante

Budd Ha
She leans away from him.
Comment from : Budd Ha

Silver Scalez
No one knows when or to what level PMs will rise to. But things are changing and the current path we are on can not be sustained forever. I know JP has been stocking up on silver. They see whats happening...
Comment from : Silver Scalez

Well bring it on...
Comment from : T H

John Dominic
Precious metals? Precious whiskey.
Comment from : John Dominic

The non believers will lose.....
Comment from : Gladamgone

John Lee
Thanks Keith, it's an exciting year.
Comment from : John Lee

Adrian Segura
Thia guy doesnt understand why silver and gold will go.up . but at least he knows that it will
Comment from : Adrian Segura

Gerald Martin
So why isn't it doing it? This is all BS.
Comment from : Gerald Martin

F*ck JPMorgan's scam regarding silver
Comment from : gravelandstudio

bill durning
Daniella is fuckin hot!!!!
Comment from : bill durning

Nonya FknBusiness
Its not going to do anything. They just want people to buy it to keep the mining market going and the ETF's going with it, the dollar value up, and the metal values down. They dont want anyone rich, if you are rich you wont work.
Comment from : Nonya FknBusiness

Buy some AG stock... why not...
Comment from : iDIMi

James Madison
I like the shiney.
Comment from : James Madison

Mike MakesRight
Does Daniella have her own channel? She is dreamy.
Comment from : Mike MakesRight

Thomas Bressler
Where is Watson .!lol .
Comment from : Thomas Bressler

Silver Noob
I watch these vids muted and love them.
Comment from : Silver Noob

Uh huh.. The longer it stays sideways, the better for me. The More mining shares I can buy, the more ounces of gold and silver I can stack. I wouldn’t mind waiting to two or three more years.
Comment from : lowpross11

Diesel Bourbon
By far the best thing about precious metals is Daniela.
Comment from : Diesel Bourbon

Matej Hosner
Baaahahahaha, what a duche!
Comment from : Matej Hosner

I must have her.
Comment from : DeltaLion1

Rumple Stiltskin
Come on Kitco, get real. those numbers he is quoting is total BS and you know it as well. I have been tracking the closing of both gold and silver for the last eight years, as well as during the day.

At 3:00am pacific time which is the 10:30 a.m. London fix time, almost every day at that hour when America is still asleep they tend to drop the price supposedly using their algorithms. At 8:20 a.m. Eastern time when our precious metal's markets actually start trading, the price generally goes up but only a small amount. Then at 7:00 a.m. Pacific time which is the 3:00 p.m. London time for their second fix of the day, they always hit it for a minimum drop of half a percentage point, or like today they hit it for almost a percent and a half. The rest of the day the price almost always raises because the banking cabal won't have another chance to mess with the prices until 10:30 the next morning London time.

If I had only keep track of those trades and their times, I might have had a good case against the banking cabal for their manipulations of the precious metals market. But alas, I didn't because at the time I thought it was irrelevant. When these financial pundits proffer their prices they pretend that the precious metals fix has nothing to do with where the market is going.

In other words my friends the price of both gold and silver have nothing to do with their real price if the markets had not been manipulated. AND, now that China is about to issue their Yuan in trade for oil and/or gold or both, the real price we hope will go up substantially, but no one knows just how far, and the reason I am calling bull shit on the guy, or anyone else who believes they know where the prices will go when our Petro dollar looses against the Petro Yuan.

Comment from : Rumple Stiltskin

Herb Palmer Jr
Comment from : Herb Palmer Jr

Henry Goh
Is it the advertisement for KITCO ?
Comment from : Henry Goh

zmd co
These guys always say that the market is being artificially managed(manipulated) and that the price will soon break out, well if in fact the markets are being manipulated then why would they (the powers that be) all of a sudden stop doing it and allow for a huge correction?
Comment from : zmd co

Steven R Hailston
I'm tired of hearing this. I've listened to it since 2009 when I bought silver at the current price it is now. I believed all these metals guys and didn't heed the words of the people promoting the crypto space and I totally missed out. At least iu still have my silver (although this week I am buying into cryptos for the first time) and someday I may be able to use it to completely buy a house with no need for a mortgage. Maybe. At least that's what Mike Maloney used to say.
Comment from : Steven R Hailston

janusz sut
Take a look at spanish mountain gold and sandspring resources good junior mining stock's
Comment from : janusz sut

If the dollar collapses maybe it'll go up
Comment from : FU

Bill Smit
Is this an old "Newhart" when he had guests on his Local TV Show? I love this old Comedy Show! When is Tom Poston coming on?
Comment from : Bill Smit

Mike Ovanes
AG ticker symbol.. down today -10% while silver bullion up today... Gold in major commodity bull (2001-2012) only went to $1,921.00... and silver $49.48...
Comment from : Mike Ovanes

Never take advise from somebody that is trying to market a product.
Comment from : beckmanb72

Youtube University
Sticking to gold and silver, no matter what people say.
Comment from : Youtube University

Roger Blackwell
To all who complain about hearing this before don’t watch don’t comment don’t complain.
Comment from : Roger Blackwell

Hugh Mungus
Silver rofl, ive been hearing this silver to the moon crap everyday for the last 10 years and its gone nowhere.
Comment from : Hugh Mungus

Jason King
Oh shut up.
Comment from : Jason King

He meant Bitcoin folks
Comment from : ThePokerSurfer

Omar Touzani
lol news! As long as comex exists, both silver and gold are not going anywhere.
Comment from : Omar Touzani

Jac Kitt
haha nah I've been listening to these metal bugs for years an even sucked me in for a while but luckily i listened to that nut keiser 3yrs ago and ploughed into cryptos...hooray for the mad max...
Comment from : Jac Kitt

Fuck gold and silver. Wish I hadn't bought mine. They're manipulated so hard, it's a joke!!!! Buy BTC and LTC instead. That's the new gold/silver.
Comment from : qloudz

pe hgt
Litecoin has just jumped over 300% in just 2 days was 54$ last month now trading at close to 300$... Where is the silver rally??
Comment from : pe hgt

Crypto Pirate
shes so smart and damb hot!!
Comment from : Crypto Pirate

Leigh Jenkins
I sold some BTC when it was at 3000, bought gold and silver, hmmmm
Comment from : Leigh Jenkins

Viking Mike
The Global Central Banking Cartel will never allow silver and gold to reach a true price discovery, and for good reason. If gold and silver were to start a rapid escalation in price that began to threaten fiat currencies, that same Global Central Banking Cartel would instruct the governments that [they] own to unleash every nuclear weapon available on every city on the face of the planet. End of story.
Comment from : Viking Mike

How I made
LOL gold is a joke. get into crypto
Comment from : How I made

Steven Clark
Silver officially down for the year... Down the last 6 years... None of these geniuses have been right.
Comment from : Steven Clark

Metals prices will never rise in digital currency units on the legacy "markets". Expect a crypto-tokenized market that legitimatizes true value discovery of metals in BTC terms on a brand new market. This in turn will drive an arbitrage flood that sucks physical from the Comex at the fraudulent digitally suppressed prices. This, in turn, will drive the failure to deliver on the Comex. If you believe in the value of precious metals, you need to support the Crytos. They are forcing legitimacy into every money, and every market.
Comment from : Derelect5

4:42. Reality.
Comment from : petike555

Dylan Campbell
cryptos will pay the debt for the government...
Comment from : Dylan Campbell

hmmm...she's looking damn fine today ;)
Comment from : ElementFreedive

Daddy Tube
She can interview me anytime
Comment from : Daddy Tube

Total Bullion
LOL, The CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp thinks silver is gonna go up, of course he's gonna say that!
Comment from : Total Bullion

How can you be bullish on a hedge play?! It is not an investment and will not behave as such, ever.
Comment from : morrissey8485

Brandon Boyer
buy cryptos keith. your beating a dead cat bounce
Comment from : Brandon Boyer

Trinamic Enterprize
He looked fucking scared.
Comment from : Trinamic Enterprize

This boy underestimates the price of silver, because as soon as the phony controls come off, it will soar like the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. I'll be getting rich off of 10 oz of silver. Mark my words (and stop listening to establishment cucks).
Comment from : JuliaB1955

if only i had a dollar for everytime i heard this,
Comment from : lukomoon

shanna ruiz
He means pesos
Comment from : shanna ruiz

Silver is better than Gold. And Litecoin is better than bitcoin. But I’d rather buy litecoin for now anyway. In a year, Silver will still be under $20 I’ll pick some up with my litecoin profits.
Comment from : robbycast

Brian Corcoran
Wishful thinking, never a good strategy.
Comment from : Brian Corcoran

Marnus Richter
Bitcoin did exactly that
Comment from : Marnus Richter

Tim Lester
So if the banks manipulate silver to protect their book why do they allow they others metals to run wide eg copper?
Comment from : Tim Lester

Pablo Malaga
Of course it is manipulation, give us a break!
Comment from : Pablo Malaga

Chad Lickinstein
Buy any metal other than silver lol
Comment from : Chad Lickinstein

Silver is a massive disappointment!
Comment from : Canada2016

Caduce 702
Cryptocurrency is the best place to make money today. Silver is a bulky metal that youll end up holding for many years without making any profit.
Comment from : Caduce 702

Kurt Homan
Silver will go "no offer" before it goes to $130/oz.
Comment from : Kurt Homan

SG Fans
$8,000 at least $600 $ilver on hand.
Comment from : SG Fans

Neumeyer is desperate. His pure silver mine cannot compete with the other mines looking for other base metals and they just cannot cut back on production of silver without cutting back on overall production so they have been flooding the above ground supply and can't get rid of the crap. Metal promoters have been claiming that there have been deficits for 10 years and can't understand why prices are not going up. These people are clueless. Many mines simply do not report silver production because they want to promote the concept of scarcity. If these numbers were reported price would drop off a cliff. It is all part of the pump and dump metals scheme.
70 to 89% of demand for silver is industrial, manufacturing and retail jewelry all depending on low prices. Because silver is rarely used today in any monetary system except mints selling collectables this has effected worldwide demand as today's world economy has simply passed metals by. The monetary demand has become too small to effect demand and this can now never offset the drop in demand of the above 3 sectors. It has moved from a monetary based metals to an industrial based commodity. Another factor is that because of the constant flow of new technology the amount used in products has gone down every year. Solar panels 10 years straight. Another factor is that when price reaches a certain level industry used more copper and less silver also effecting worldwide demand with prices falling again. In addition world trade has been slowing which also effects worldwide demand. It get worse as people generally in the west have less disposable income also effecting demand.
These people have for a number of years predicting totally unrealistic price forecasts of $100 to $940 and this is simply not based on any financial or economic reality. Silver has been one of the largest scams on the net.
I listened to an interview of him a while back he claimed that he doesn't understand why miners are not joining in the lawsuits concerning price manipulations. There are two reasons for this. One is if I am a mine CEO I would buy hedges using put options, (going short), in case price drops. If prices rise I let my hedges expire worthless and sell physical in other markets as usual.If prices falls thru the strike price I can exercise my hedges for cash, still sell as usual and still make money. It would be difficult for me to be in a court and when asked were you financially impacted by the so called manipulation, my answer would be no. I had price protection and this is simply the cost of doing business.
Another reason is that banks were using the London metals fix or auction first moving price down to fleece the sellers of physical and then moving price back up gouging the buyers. This happened in a short term time period and when over prices always reverted back to the norm.
All futures markets are basically used to hedge and there is so much nonsense and absurdities being promoted on the net giving incorrect and out right false information. I cannot believe how many have fallen for this. It is mostly those who have no experience trading financial markets and they simply do not understand what causes price movement in markets or what they are actually used for.
Gold at $8000 would mean gas is at $10 and everything shipped including food, medicine and essentials would be unaffordable to most collapsing the US economy and the US, state and local governments as tax revenue falls off a cliff.
Folks, do you see how absurd the alt media has become? All of the above is why the gold/silver ratio has become meaningless and these people simply hold on to the past as if has any significance which it does not.
If you look at the total debt on the planet and then at the small physical amount of gold, the metal is simply insignificance even if prices were at $50,000. Take just the US with over $52 trillion in liquidity. The amount of gold claimed at today's prices is only in the billions and not trillions. These people live in fantasy land!
Because of the capital flight out of Europe as the euro, EU, most of its banks and countries are in serious trouble. Since 2011 capital has been moving out to dollars and dollar based assets and this will accelerate in 2018 as Armstrong Economic computer models forecast that both the Monetary and the Sovereign Debt Crisis hit Europe along with the pension crisis. Just recently Merkel's government has collapsed, another bank in Italy is in trouble, most German cities and provinces are now bankrupt from the cost of the migrant crisis and the pension crisis has hit Spain and will totally run out of money in 2018. This will be when the shit really hits the fan with governments toppling, riots, banks closing effecting businesses and everyday citizens. Europe is toast and the collapse cannot be stopped. This will accelerate the capital flight out again like it did starting in August of last year and cause massive dollar strength again, US equities will move higher and gold and silver will be crushed.
By the end of 2017 there was so much capital being converted from euros to dollars that this actually created dollar shortages in foreign markets and this is where we are headed again, Buckle up folks. We are witnessing the collapse of many lifetimes! .

Comment from : jimsjoe1

Gabiano Coins
Do the opposite of what these coglioni tells you and you do fine. These stronso knows merda
Comment from : Gabiano Coins

Jack Goh
Comment from : Jack Goh

Michael Sidewinder
16/1 that is what the ratio is supposed to be for silver to gold.
Comment from : Michael Sidewinder

I love to stack silver
Comment from : skymaster04

Dana Pretorius
Keith your numbers does not make sense. Gold @ $8000 and silver @ $130 gives a ratio of 62:1 and you say that silver is more valuable. So what you say with this price prediction is that all these silver bulls are wrong.
Comment from : Dana Pretorius

dave dave
Comment from : dave dave

Buy bitcoin
Comment from : PARTEUY

C Joe
Keith has left for Lalaland. Bye...
Comment from : C Joe

Marky Mark
These Gold bugs are hilliarous, i've been hearing all these predictions all year and its beena terrible investment. They are fighting hard, all great to say worth xyz and i agree , but the market does not , its all cryptos now .Gold is great as a hedge , insurance.
Comment from : Marky Mark

Unless the world ends, he may be right. It's just not going to happen this year.
Comment from : N W

Miss Informed
Seems like Daniella is not convinced.
Comment from : Miss Informed

jorge ruiz
It’s Bruce Willis
Comment from : jorge ruiz

AG Argentum
I wish I had some of what this guy is smoking!
Comment from : AG Argentum

John Rand
If the N Koreans keep it up, we will see these predictions come true soon. Soon, the charade will be over when the Fed can't raise rates (normalize) in any meaningful way. Confidence is eroding in the dollar as we speak.....Cryptos are the canary in the coal mine.
Comment from : John Rand

Disappointed Steve
Precious Metals are not an investment, insurance, store of value or preserver of wealth. They are a big fucking WASTE of money which their price action reflects! I wouldn't buy an ounce of either with your money! 😝
Comment from : Disappointed Steve

Good points on silver and banks, companies and price manipulation.
Comment from : feelnrite

FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com
Comment from : FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com

Silver Jaguar
He's gonna be wrong again like he has been for the last 15 years
Comment from : Silver Jaguar

They do it every day now , the criminals , pump pump and pump some billions more in the markets , it is just paper ,
not , nobody has the power to do something against it , everything has become FAKE , they are laughing at us and just print more money

Comment from : havikshorst120

Double Jai
lol. when? Sounds crazy. Impossibile to predict the target. We are in a bull market and it will last in 2026.
Comment from : Double Jai

I bought a bunch of that metal when it was on par with Bitcoin (25$)... now, every day I cry.
Comment from : Castorios

Nope, sorry Keith. Gold & Silver will be forever manipulated to the downside. Your investment dollars are better off in Bitcoin & Litecoin.
Comment from : streetstylz

Haven't we heard this before?
Comment from : DW

I am calling it silver 300.00 in 500 years
Comment from : Drav1212

lol hes calling these great prices over the next several years???? ... i been hearing this since 2011's high! ... make ur life ez sell all ur metals for Bitcoin! Bitcoin is $10,000 today ,... will b $40,000 in August... and $100,000 the end of 2018... remember the Mark in Germany? Bitcoin is following the Parabolic Path...
now then, u know the truth... feel better?

Comment from : chrisiden

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