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Tech 60kb
Comment from : Tech 60kb

Bad advice
Comment from : RealAceSpadez

amira amira
bisa dicobaaa neh di sentana4D ya. cari yang pembayaran aman dan cepat hanya di sentana4D
Comment from : amira amira

Yuk Key Wong
If never hit above 7 times ,it will be big loss.It is also not too efficient method.
Comment from : Yuk Key Wong

Anjan Shrestha
Go away mate🤣
Comment from : Anjan Shrestha

Mikes Craftsman
so so.. not bad, don't use this strategy only
Comment from : Mikes Craftsman

Patel Mubarak
Whr u form bhai hahaaaaaa
Comment from : Patel Mubarak

rusdi harapas
do you want get new experience in roulette play roulette on www,nomorlangit8a,com this website from indonesia !
Comment from : rusdi harapas

Syaiful elvis
Fuck you
Comment from : Syaiful elvis

Nagaraj Subburayan
useless fucking hole
Comment from : Nagaraj Subburayan

mitch money
Fools game
Comment from : mitch money

Binyamin Asher
Definitely, profitable!!!! Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
You must be crazy!!!!! Please go to mental hospital I think you really need

Comment from : Binyamin Asher

Fuiloong Chong
Stupid ...ha😡😡😡
Comment from : Fuiloong Chong

MagNet Yazılım
Artık rulette sizde kazanacaksınız %100 garanti veriyoruz, ruletin açığını indirip yazılıma ekledik yani hackledik, gelin yazılımın demosunu deneyin kazancı görün öyle alın, 15 kontör 4 bin tl den başlayan fiyatlarla, gerçek yazılımı sadece TeamViewer ile sunucumuza bağlanıp inceleyebilirsiniz artık beraber kazanıyoruz.. asla kaybetmek Yok, iletişim için : 05360365540 ister whatsapp ister arayın detaylı bilgi alın.
Comment from : MagNet Yazılım

John Rees
I really don't understand how you could recommend this and tell people it works. You will be in trouble fast and eventually when you do hit the right dozen (its not called quarter btw) you will be so far behind. Dude do you even realize what your doing by posting systems. Gambling can ruin lifes mate. At least post something useful. Words like " best system ever" you will win within 5 or 6 spins. Are you sure about that?
Comment from : John Rees

Scubaman AE
Haha if i go till 14 dollar then i have no money more to play.i see you have 40000 send me some man
Comment from : Scubaman AE

MagNet Yazılım
Para sanal alemde... bu Fırsatı kaçırmayın, proğramımızla düzenli gelir sağlayacaksınız, Artık rulette kesin kazanacaksınız %100 garanti veriyoruz, ruletin tüm açığı ve hilelerini yazılıma ekledik yani hackledik, 4 yılda yazılımı hazırladık, yazılımın demosunu deneyin kazancı kesin görün öyle alın, 15 kontör 4 bin tl den başlayan fiyatlarla, gerçek yazılımı sadece TeamViewer ile sunucumuza bağlanıp inceleyin , nasıl Kazanıldığını proğramımızı inceleyerek görün , beraber kazanalım.. artık kaybetmek Yok, proğramımız lisanslıdır..iletişim için : 05360365540 ister whatsapp ister arayın detaylı bilgi alın.
Comment from : MagNet Yazılım

Game Raja Casino88 youtu.be/eGCF4QybQ3E
Comment from : PENGUSAHA MUDA

wahyu tivi
Ayo Bom Event Tebak Roulette Berhadiah Spesial HUT RI #EPS-1

Hadiah 1 juta 500 ribu

Comment from : wahyu tivi

Thank u man for the tricks. Im goin to the casino next weekend for my birthday. Wish me luck
Comment from : dr.chaos

اكسم زغيبة
خسرت في روليت وتريد استرجاع خسارتك وزيادة في ربحك؟
كلمني وسأرشدك بطريقة مضمونة

Comment from : اكسم زغيبة

Durchgeknallt und Lustig
Comment from : Durchgeknallt und Lustig

TijLaug Charlies
Don’t ever try this unless you have a million in your account. Worst idea ever.
Comment from : TijLaug Charlies

What the fuck bro you didt even win
Comment from : monkeyKONG

knight 3000
39seconds in and clicked off. As this dude sounds like a n@#$!
Comment from : knight 3000

T ลูกทุ่ง ข้างแรม
ปลิงค์นี้เรยครับ กาสิโน ในมาเก๊าได้ผลจริงๆ www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRgtIWwdsWU&t=181s
Comment from : T ลูกทุ่ง ข้างแรม

mamiex riyadi
Comment from : mamiex riyadi

Ladislav Halcin
So shity system stupid as hell
Comment from : Ladislav Halcin

H Bind
You loose 3 tollar
Comment from : H Bind

You can't even do "mathematic" and you want to teach ppl how to win in "roulette"? How funny.
Comment from : MICHAEL LEE

sistematik roulette
New metod/system roulette eurpean pro, red and black!

Nuovo metodo/sistema roulette europea pro, rosso e nero!
Link al video: youtu.be/rongaX_RC9w

Comment from : sistematik roulette

William Ayala
Smart guy
Comment from : William Ayala

your bet selection sucks.
Comment from : GoogleisTyrant

Nish K
Please don't try to fake ascent. Please speak in your natural english ascent. that would help to understand what u r saying.
Comment from : Nish K

Frank Encarnacion
Comment from : Frank Encarnacion

Dennis Durkop
Betting the same street as what happened last will work better for bet selection!
Comment from : Dennis Durkop

Comment from : ZJS

U not making any profit

jeet jeeti
No good game
Comment from : jeet jeeti

Lamhot Manik
Tidak ngerti
Comment from : Lamhot Manik

Iulian Axinte
"I lose again".....
Comment from : Iulian Axinte

QuanSeattle N
Not a good system!
Comment from : QuanSeattle N

wayne jennings
What a fucking idiot you are
Comment from : wayne jennings

David Ku
If you also bet $1 on Zero with every spin, you can neutralise the effect of Zero coming up each time. Increase by one unit on the Zero once you loss $35 or more.
Comment from : David Ku

Graham Coote
He startead with $5 dollar and the most he had to bet was $26.I started with ONE unit and I ended up having to bet FORTY-THREE units.Good job I was in fun mode only! Like most of his "stratergies"this doesn't work!
Comment from : Graham Coote

I think its best to ALWAYS leave $3 on 0.. And if ur a spin counter, make it $6 after 36 spins if it hasn't come out yet.
Comment from : slikdarelic

Razor Feroz
nice formula,wow!😂
Comment from : Razor Feroz

Excellent money system. I will incorporate it in my game plan.
Comment from : Peter

Mahender Kumar
Good system
Comment from : Mahender Kumar

Scott Huffman
I think you are full of crap. Good luck to you.
Comment from : Scott Huffman

Budi Setiawan
Comment from : Budi Setiawan

Wasting time. U risk big money but u win peanuts.
Comment from : VH

Roulette Strategy
Hey Mate i have very interested formula high skills for roulette contact me for demo
Comment from : Roulette Strategy

akshay chourasia
Just make the tricks only on street bet it a most comfortable bet
Comment from : akshay chourasia

Real muscle for life
Pls stop play this, it's simply designed for people to go broke. You can't win at roulette ok.
Comment from : Real muscle for life

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