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Rabaa _hanttaash
Your voice so sexy I like it
Comment from : Rabaa _hanttaash

Jorge Street
Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you considered - Konenjamin Penrooklyn Solution (search on google)? It is a smashing one off guide for finding your lucky day to cleverly win the lottery minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cooworker after many years got great success with it.
Comment from : Jorge Street

Sean Moran
9:56 i refreshed my net and checked my router before realizing it was on her end. I feel like an idiot haha, after the page refreshed i shoulda figured it out.
Comment from : Sean Moran

The dealer out the cards back as they were before she split them
Comment from : BlackAnvil47

Another great strategy is to win two in a row, then press up $5. Win two in a row and press up $5.
Comment from : chenryrex

Minecraft Mod and Game Show Fan
GSN's World Series of Blackjack from 2004 - 2007 got me into this gambling game. I really loved that show. I'd take that show over High Stakes Poker any day.
Comment from : Minecraft Mod and Game Show Fan

I Am Claudis
She has a repeated deal where most of the good hands (black jack vs 17 and up) are stacked together. Look at how she picked the cards up at 17:00. Its easy to lose when shes not shuffling the cards.
Comment from : I Am Claudis

Dmitri Tchoulanov
nice play
Comment from : Dmitri Tchoulanov

bahri buğra çekin
at 2.43 dealer must stand. because it is 17. are vegas rules different with europe?
Comment from : bahri buğra çekin

whats the minimum bet there?
Comment from : Dyer

Jenn Lawson
I've been enjoying learning how to play with Facebook's games, then I started watching the 'How to's' and '5 things not to do...', playing blackjack, etc. on Youtube.
This vid is helpful, too, as it gives the real-time feel of actually playing, without losing money, or wondering 'Okay, now what?' 😆
Thanks! 👍🏻

Comment from : Jenn Lawson

double deck and the cut card goes in 1 deck then dealer piles a few cards in the discard tray before the shoe even starts. .Im thinking the el cortez are shit scared of Card Counters
Comment from : staypress

Space Alien
I am a blackjack fiend! Lol. You played perfectly by the way. Some of your commenters don't know how to play though i see, by what "advice" they were giving you. Lol. Also, you are very smart for not playing the side bet. That is how the casino gets another 1 percent edge on the player. It's a suckers bet, even if you win on it a few times, law of odds says you will lose in the long run. That's why the casino puts it their.
Comment from : Space Alien

One of the VERY FEW, that you KNOW it's a real game. So many on here stack their decks, so they can sell a "System".
Comment from : chenryrex

I’m deaf and I can’t speak but how I talk to dealer? Because my friend told me sign language not legal in blackjack. Is that true? I want to play blackjack but I don’t know how I talk to dealer
Comment from : Laufield

Billie Jean
What was the final chip count
Comment from : Billie Jean

Joe Postove
You lose on a push in Vegas?
Comment from : Joe Postove

When I lose two hands in a row, I'll play two hands for one round, to change the lay of the cards.
Comment from : chenryrex

Kim Kow Neo
It's just a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Comment from : Kim Kow Neo

tables always end up paying if you're smart unlike slots lol
Comment from : Deuce

Richard Fullem
For your private tables, do you have to play a whole shoe? Or can you request a shuffle?
Comment from : Richard Fullem

Thanks for posting this- I love blackjack but I've always been intimidated by the idea of playing live, fast-paced games in front of a group. It helps to get a sense of the experience before I try it out.
Comment from : PatrickTK21

J Fl
I am from europe and perhaps we play the game a bit diffrent. So can someone explain me why the dealer shows her Blackjack at 8:00? Was there a handsign or is this a rule I don't know...

Comment from : J Fl

Vaibhav Patel
I watched whole video, for hearing "Alright" when she says😜
Comment from : Vaibhav Patel

Supandi Sanusi
Remembered me when I used to in Nassau Bahamas.I won U$ 900..mm nyummy..
Comment from : Supandi Sanusi

People pissing me off saying don't double 11 vs Ace, basic strategy even says to
Comment from : GDgaminG

Dillon Costilla
Hey Slotlady (And anyone else)!
Here's my 2nd attempt to follow your game at home with my Martingale strategy. I'm just clicking one of your live videos at random & playing along.
I double any bet I lost, including splits/double downs (I.E. if I bet $10 & split, & lose $20 total, my next bet is straight to $40)
2k buy in, for those large doubles. Carrying over my winnings from my 1st session ($1,155)!

First shoe: +$30
Largest bet: $40 ($20 w/ double down - shouldn't have done that double down :P)
TOTAL = +$30

Second shoe: -$400!!!!!
Largest bet: $320
TOTAL = -$370!!!!!
OUCH! 10 losses & only 3 wins... Only thing that might have saved me is wonging out after a $160 hand w/double down that won. Too close to the cut card for me to want to continue. Oh well! Your vid will keep going, but this is where I would call it...

GRAND TOTAL = $2,785. Still up!

Comment from : Dillon Costilla

Wai Lee
Poor Slots lady, your got crushed !
Comment from : Wai Lee

Jorge Serna
Nice video. You got me into grambling mode now.
Comment from : Jorge Serna

2:40 Shouldn't the dealer have won that hand with soft 17? Instead he drew more cards and landed on 24?
Comment from : whosTreq

AimHackz 101
You’re so cute 🥰
Comment from : AimHackz 101

Adam Merry
How come you never tip the dealers?
Comment from : Adam Merry

At 11:03 after offering insurance, what does the dealer do with her cards? Whats that black thing she put them in?
Comment from : Fate

alfredo older
I have never played blackjack ever. Mostly slots. Do you recomend it?
Comment from : alfredo older

Franco lu
very very good
Comment from : Franco lu

Dice Game
I noticed them black Jacks on ur 11's too!!!
Comment from : Dice Game

HandleBar ‘Stached
Only split 10’s when the dealer has a 6 up.
Comment from : HandleBar ‘Stached

Jan Kowalski
Forget splitting pairs 5 5
Comment from : Jan Kowalski

Dschafar Dschafar
Great video! I'm new here, are the red "cards" required by the shuffling machine to do the shuffling job? (8:48) how many decks were in the game and when will the cards be shuffled?
Best regards

Comment from : Dschafar Dschafar

You are sexy. Keep up the good work.
Comment from : MrJaybiz2000

dan youngs
I doubled on a 12 won 3 hands later doubled on 12 again and the kicked me off for card counting lol
Comment from : dan youngs

Paul Grainger
You talk like a female Mark Normand
Comment from : Paul Grainger

Deniz Akdeniz
I come as a tourist and I play games :)
Comment from : Deniz Akdeniz

Cheapy 2006
Comment from : Cheapy 2006

Have you played at The LINQ ?
Also in Australia we call slots- pokies

Comment from : positiveupside11

Gary Sharp
Poor dealer would not know what hit her if I were playing lol
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Michal Gontarczuk
how is the shuffle so fast
Comment from : Michal Gontarczuk

daniel fulks
How are you allowed to live stream all these vids? All the casinos I've been in do not allow phones at the tables.
Comment from : daniel fulks

Commenter of Awesome
What is the most you ever won and lost at a casino
Comment from : Commenter of Awesome

Didem Bilgiç
Damn, quite a fast dealer that is...
Comment from : Didem Bilgiç

abo omar
I love when she say Alright
Comment from : abo omar

David Rodriguez
Good now
Comment from : David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez
I could hear you but it's frozen
Comment from : David Rodriguez

Watching this to learn how to play. Little difficult if it's so fast and you got the same problem with counting...still pretty interesting to watch tho
Comment from : WilltheNeo

Nick A007
I gotta play a Table Game. I never played any of them, because my family prefers Slot Machines more than Tables.
Comment from : Nick A007

Bryan Garcia
You're cute Slotlady :), love your videos, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Bryan Garcia

Just a heads up that doubling a 11 against an Ace is the correct play. If it's double deck and dealer hits on soft 17 then you should double on any 11.
Comment from : DragonPupEclipse

James Waker
Do you ever play 3 hands. That’s works out good for me I hit for 1500 off of 50 bucks on the side bet 💯
Comment from : James Waker

James Waker
Stop hitting every time. Feel how the game is going. Wave some of them 15 hands with the 10 showing. Trust me it works great
Comment from : James Waker

Japeth Barnett
Can't believe they allow her to do that... tables round here won't even let you have your phone exposed anywhere around the tables
Comment from : Japeth Barnett

Robert Mcgee
Switch to no but for a few hands,
Comment from : Robert Mcgee

People who say never hit 18 or shouldn't hit 18. That's only when you have a hard 18. You hit a soft 18 when dealer shows 9-ACE. Double soft 18 against 3-6. Double soft 18 against a 2 only if the dealers hit on soft 17. People think that 18 is a strong hand. But in reality it is not. You need average of 18.8 to have an advantage.
Comment from : DragonPupEclipse

Shaun Shawver
Just wondering why the dealer pulled the shoe at about the 18 minute mark ? The cut card wasnt even close
Comment from : Shaun Shawver

Vu Tung
Can i get married to you? I do love your accent
Comment from : Vu Tung

Zixzero Slots
Never ever stop on 16
Comment from : Zixzero Slots

drew rocker99
While this is fun to watch. a 2 deck shoe with computer shuffle is gonna be tough to beat. As long as you just play not too often under these condition, you will be OK..At least this will educate viewers about the realities of a 2 deck shoe without serious card counting techniques!!!
Comment from : drew rocker99

Drew par
No offense intended. You should follow basic strategy more carefully. Video was fun to watch, thanks
Comment from : Drew par

Dwight carver
Try Progressive Bets
Comment from : Dwight carver

kobe kobemybest
2:43 banker already got 17point why not stand?
Comment from : kobe kobemybest

Dan Saile
IMHO you should employee a betting strategy. Something like 1 unit, stay there if you lose... while on a winning streak 1 unirt, 1 unit, 1 unit, 3 units, 3 units, 5 units, 5 units, Then you can choose how high you want to go... returning back to 1 unit when you lose.
Comment from : Dan Saile

How did they let you video record? Is this downtown or strip?
Comment from : HawaiianPrincess315

Adrian Lee
i have been playing online live blackjack for a while so i kinda know how it works, but why is the dealer sometimes giving you extra cards as if you had hit your hand even though you did say so or gesture it?
Comment from : Adrian Lee

Chad Lee
Basic strategy is bogus lol it's all feeling and luck of the draw,I think you did great!
Comment from : Chad Lee

Garett Frigon
Do any casinos in LV have free bet black jack?
Comment from : Garett Frigon

Nick Nick
33 min only 1 blackjack very bad lucky...
Comment from : Nick Nick

Ok girlfriend, time is clicking for my trip there. Woohoo let’s play a table
Comment from : Genuwine6799G

J Yee
That was interesting. My thsnks to the cortez for allowing u to stream.
Cured my urge to go to lv. Bj is slow but steady death for me. Rather go with craps. Get it over with faster.

Comment from : J Yee

Catherine Holbert
So cool thank you
Comment from : Catherine Holbert

David Davies
What a stunning natural beauty 👌🏻
Comment from : David Davies

Damon Pearcy
what was your starting bank and what did you end up with?
Comment from : Damon Pearcy

Thomas Fuller
I love Amy Adams, which means I love you. ☺
Comment from : Thomas Fuller

xiufeng lin
I like you
Comment from : xiufeng lin

van vinh duong
Where are you?
Comment from : van vinh duong

Christelle Ybanez
hi guys at my casino the 2nd dealer card is not face down on the table. they take the 2nd card after everybody else played already..is this normal??
Comment from : Christelle Ybanez

We love you Slot Lady!
Comment from : itsyourbabyboydan

matt Tarrant
I saw that 6 card 21 by dealer.i know there is a casino in vegas that you actually WIN if the dealer pulls 6 or more cards in one hand
Comment from : matt Tarrant

Tina Burton
17 is the mother-in-law hand!!! You want to hit it, but you just can't. Start with a $30 bet! When you win, press a nickel or $10, win again, press and so on. When you lose, start over again. It really is a good strategy. However, it IS your money, so you play the way you want. I'm just offering a bit of advice. Please take no offense!
Comment from : Tina Burton

Lean mean grilling machine
I would double down on that bird!
Comment from : Lean mean grilling machine

should play Baccarat !!! best odds out of all the games
Comment from : Scromes

can someone explain this hand 17:50 does the house have to hit there? cool video btw.
Comment from : Alex

Jeff Smith
I didn’t think you played bad! One hand you hit 13 against a 5 lol but the dealer should’ve told you there since you weren’t focused! Flat betting is gonna be tough but so is every other BJ strategy ever created! Bravo!
Comment from : Jeff Smith

These dealers as so fast
Comment from : wellman

Yogesh Patel
You should be try average system in Blackjack . When you loose bet you can try double amount of bet. And if you win than started again your initial bet amount.

Love to watching form India

Comment from : Yogesh Patel

i've been extremely lucky in playing blackjack. My rule is - you can never stay on a bad table. If you lost couple of hands in a roll and dealer always puts out 21 out of his ass - you have to switch a table immediately or you'll be on the way to loose everything. It is all about finding a right table at a right time
Comment from : izolyator

Don't double on anything but on 10 or 11 !!! It is a very crappy strategy!!!!!!
Comment from : izolyator

joseph eskenazi
nice girl nice quality video but this chick has some real shitty luck here.
Comment from : joseph eskenazi

I love watching your videos and your perfect basic strategy. That first shoe was a hot one, too. You were in a positive situation after the first hand. Very nice one. Also, your double on 9 v 7 was the right play, it just didn't pan out. Being aggressive can pay off, just can't win them all unfortunately!
Comment from : traitor

El Mutilator
Comment from : El Mutilator

Sheldon Cooper
"I've been doing better at counting I've practiced" 😑. Seriously the count is +6 and you're completely oblivious to it.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Marine MAG 42
Do u ever get down to Tunica?
Comment from : Marine MAG 42

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