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I fully understood this system and I tried it for real money at 1 cent a bet to test it and guess what I made almost 500 units in about 90 minutes. It is the best system I ever seen. Can make $30 to $40 a hour with 10 cents bets. Just made $5 with 1 cent bets.
Comment from : MrRetro607080

Tramon Mozingo
Very confusing video. Difficult to understand.
Comment from : Tramon Mozingo

Ek Bass
This wont make you rich, but it can offer lots of gaming fun for decently loss. Cool
Comment from : Ek Bass

tim cobb
best safe stratagy in a casino is walk away and go home
Comment from : tim cobb

j Z
The key to playing roulette is that any bet you make that you never make a bet that is against yourself. For example if you bet red 9- you would never bet on evens, black, a different number, the 2 other rows(zones). If you want additional betting units then they need to be made so you could theoretically win all at same time on a spin. If you make any bet that some will always lose you are betting against yourself and simply just enjoying getting something. For example if you bet 15 numbers then on every spin you have made it so if you win you aren’t paid 35 to one but instead only 21 to one due to the 14 lost units guaranteed. If you just use this as your baseline principle you will win far more often and give yourself the actual chance of winning even though the variance is high and odds are against you.
Comment from : j Z

Tramon Mozingo
VERY CONFUSING video. I do not get it. I prefer to use The Romanosky Bets because it's a 86% win rate.
Comment from : Tramon Mozingo

Raviraj Nalavade
Comment from : Raviraj Nalavade

Can someone get him some water please?
Comment from : lonesn1per

Marc Verbeelen
1/ Worst video explaination I have ever seen !! 2/ Your reply quote "Thanks for the feedback. We will try to be more clear in our next videos. hopefully we'll get better and better." Why in our next videos? Well let me tell you, after reading all the comments, why not redo this video? Is this so hard to do???? And why the screen turns completely green from time to time, when it hits a bad number????? Please RouletteMan, if this is the best you can do, do us all a favor, STOP wasting our precious time and STOP posting these crap videos. I don't want to offend you, this is just my personal opinion. Hope you'll understand!
Comment from : Marc Verbeelen

Gina Jisonna
That was the most confusing, awful video I have ever seen. No detail.... didn’t really explain anything you we’re doing. I need an Advil.
Comment from : Gina Jisonna

Michele Ferrari
In the long run math will teach ever his lesson ;) You will loss ever in the long run, with every strategy...it's only time factor...
Comment from : Michele Ferrari

The guy sounds a lot like Joe Rogan. I picture Joe Rogan's face when listening to this guy.
Comment from : supercyberfunk

Shadow 3091
Your recording was super jumpy so it was a bit hard to follow. Also, explain why you're placing chips where. You sort of tried to I think, but I was pretty much lost
Comment from : Shadow 3091

Unicorn Gamer
i undertand you don tlike a bad comment...1 million pounds waiting for you if you got me a stratagy to win all the time.. with no limit bankrool...with no limitt banckrool everyone can do it
Comment from : Unicorn Gamer

Driving With Roman
That demo was confusing AF
Comment from : Driving With Roman

shaneeda! zoinks
I'd rather lose that listen to this guy talk in what I'm guessing is a walkie talkie..
Comment from : shaneeda! zoinks

Curtis the Tortoise
Had a bad streak of 92 in a row.
Comment from : Curtis the Tortoise

Sir Neymz
Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh
Comment from : Sir Neymz

1234 .1234
Great video ! I have some on page too
Comment from : 1234 .1234

Mike Kleinsteuber
Watch my lips. There is absolutely no way to mathematically make a longterm profit using ANY system whatsoever on roulette. No matter what all these twats on YT try to scam you into. The edge is negative and you cannot turn a negative edge into a positive one using any progression or magic formula. Full stop. The only way to win on roulette in real world casinos is to clock the ball and wheel. RNG web based roulette is a losing proposition.
Comment from : Mike Kleinsteuber

Steve Joshua
I learned this system in the 1980's from a man in Germany. You keep spinning the wheel until a particular number comes up twice. Once it does, you base all of your selections on that number being your core number within the larger sections of the lay-out which you will select to play. I've experimented with adding variations to this system in the hopes of improving it, since even though it wins most of the time, one losing session will wipe out your winnings. I also experimented with progressive wager sessions of various kinds, but a loosing streak can become very expensive.
Comment from : Steve Joshua

Ute Uncle Barry
In summation, is this a nickle and dime method so to speak? You start macro and try to zone in on wininng numbers and then agro those small numbers with low loss bets that increase your winnings ecponentially. Mind you through the passage of several hours if not days?

Thr micromanaging in this system slows your earnings as you go tik for tak, but can stop you from breaking the bank.

If this is the case this helps mitigate the loss against RNG while maintaining a sorta feasible positive outcome.

Comment from : Ute Uncle Barry

Don John
why show it on a fake wheel with fake chips if its a winner? show it with ur cash on a real wheel !!
Comment from : Don John

I dozed off to sleep
Comment from : NewGardner

Hans Schmidt
pure luck
Comment from : Hans Schmidt

the moments
The way of making this video and explaining was very bad and confusing
Comment from : the moments

Paul Roos
Oh man, u again?
Comment from : Paul Roos

Frank Fields
Hard to follow...need to redo the video..Thanks!
Comment from : Frank Fields

Matthew Leone
5:10 you broke the rules
Comment from : Matthew Leone

Paul Lewis
This is not a SYSTEM. When you move in to the double street bets you have no proven methodology for selecting a particular street. You are just GUESSING and getting lucky. Any system where you need to apply judgement and guesswork is not a system at, it's just luck
Comment from : Paul Lewis

James Chambers
The video demonstration is not the system described in the notes.
Comment from : James Chambers

TijLaug Charlies
I don’t know why you make this video. Not a good one
Comment from : TijLaug Charlies

Jason Rinaldo
So.....when’s the “take-two” re-make of this “betting stuff.....take-one” coming out? I see what’s written in the description and aligns with some of the things you said- but what you said and what’s written are not a match & Im not alone in coming to this conclusion from the looks of the comments. Like: step 1: make this bet for “x” number of spins- we want “x” number of units. Step 2:....yadda yadda. The description outlined the movement from one bet to the next- but you went in a cycle in the video- the progression you show has what to do if you cant win, all the way up to betting on 11 for 18 spins and starting again. That ISNT what was demonstrated in the video which is confusing the dogshit out of the viewers....🤣😂😉 You told them to read the description- I’m here to tell ya the video and the description don’t match. It’s like watching a star wars trailer but the description on the back of the DVD is for My Little Pony....🤣😂😉
Comment from : Jason Rinaldo

sahil sharma
bla bla bla bla bala
Comment from : sahil sharma

Just Shoot a Photo
It works for me. Thank you very much.
Comment from : Just Shoot a Photo

Nevin Stowe
Ok Mr Roulette man lol the first 5 spins you made on the 27 red my bet was 1$ my second bet was 12 red at 1$ and won 4$ then on the 18 red I put 2$ and won again.On the 26 black I made triple the amount bet on the past 4 spins.
Comment from : Nevin Stowe

If this or any other roulette system/strategy would work then casinos would throw them out in the garbage but before that a bunch of roulette billionares would run around in the casinos.
What a bs.
0 = house wins on the long run.

Comment from : bslay4r

Don Jour
This is a losing strategy, there is only one simply bet to play roulette
Comment from : Don Jour

Burak Tezcan
U r gonna easily out of ur deposit
Comment from : Burak Tezcan

Roulette Gambling At Online Casinos
Stupid RNG roulette its has no thing to do with real roulette wheel and ball and dealer. Your way is not safest because you do not play real mony using on it.
Comment from : Roulette Gambling At Online Casinos

Yana Lasagna
Is this Tim Heidecker?
Comment from : Yana Lasagna

We welcome your feedback. All comments are published, except those that contain inappropriate words.
Comment from : RouletteMan

Richard Grev
we is the Name of the counter? my tall?
Comment from : Richard Grev

Colin Davies
Thanks for posting man, but to be honest, I had difficulty following. Sorry to say that
Comment from : Colin Davies

bobcat8 Sowhat
You don't explain this well. In the description you only mention one chip. The profit part is unclear. It seems something worthy to know. Can you explain about the increasing for profit
Comment from : bobcat8 Sowhat

bobcat8 Sowhat
If you don't get a hit after all these spins do you start again with 2 units, and then if not get a hit 3 units etc. I played pivot in a land casino with one unit I was winning but eventually I lost I just kept at the one unit
Comment from : bobcat8 Sowhat

fabien king
Sounding like a desert in your throat bruh!!
Comment from : fabien king

Lim Ray
I used to play the neg. progressive way. Target a number n moving inwards as i lose. 58 steps.
Thks for sharing buddy

Comment from : Lim Ray

Bobby The G
Dude your voice is aggravating. blow your nose or drink some water or something
Comment from : Bobby The G

Read the Video Description for more Info about this Strategy
Comment from : RouletteMan

astutillo valentini
What's the name of the software/app you're using to count spins?
Comment from : astutillo valentini

Graham Coote
You seem pretty sure of the amount of profit you want, how do you decide?, ALSO, you say to bet"the opposite of last", but you dont do that all the time, so what determines whether you do or dont?
Comment from : Graham Coote

You know your strategy but someone not understand what are you saying because you are not a teach in proper way .
Comment from : Earn-Bitcoin-TV

Like the video...don't know if this is a dumb question..but how did you decide how much profit to shoot for in each cycle? Also, any hints for picking the double streets, quads and streets if you get that high? Thanks!
Comment from : House72

col roulette
I think you need a drink of water.
Comment from : col roulette

Hi Reyth :)
Comment from : ufkexistance

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