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I’ve never seen anyone almost fall asleep on the tab,e before, I work as a dealer and I know it’s hard but wow, I would be taken off almost instantly
Comment from : JamieButler190

Rob Tierney
This must be a dream gig for a dealer... She works, get's paid, and doesn't have to put up with cigar smoke.
Comment from : Rob Tierney

12:20 quite bad ;)
Comment from : 寿司泽辉

The first girl dealer was deff high on some type of drug
Comment from : Asap

Can someone rescue the first girl
Comment from : mylesaminute

jordan fraser
why did she hit when she already had a winning hand in first hand
Comment from : jordan fraser

She may be afraid that you complain her hahahaha
Comment from : CRACK LOVER

Andí Andí
Dayum well played
Comment from : Andí Andí

ahmed benchikha
wtffffffffffffff ???
u are so fucking lucky .. GJ tho <3

Comment from : ahmed benchikha

Borodyr Borodyr
Anastasija look like Igor Kurganov!))
Comment from : Borodyr Borodyr

Sam Abbas
Bless her
Comment from : Sam Abbas

Levla 22
The perfect hand at the end beautiful!
Comment from : Levla 22

Gregory Depanicis
Do you actually get paid real money on here?
Comment from : Gregory Depanicis

stuart mcmahon
loved that ballsy last hand, well done....
Comment from : stuart mcmahon

Adrian lol
That last hand was insane bro🔥
Comment from : Adrian lol

windsor career college!
great melons on the last dealer
Comment from : windsor career college!

Radu Prepelita
she needs some perico! LMFAOOO
Comment from : Radu Prepelita

Yo she was about to fall asleep😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Zak

Marco Mark Productions
in the other black jack videos i watched the dealer scans the card, but not in this one
Comment from : Marco Mark Productions

Ion Sorin
she is tired af, sad to see this....
Comment from : Ion Sorin

Jessica Albanka
Poor girl must be overworked!
BTW I also play against this lady in SURF casino.

Comment from : Jessica Albanka

Roini Maxatadze
12:11 Hahahah
Comment from : Roini Maxatadze

looks like , she was forced to do long hours
Comment from : T L

Vincenzo Proulx
The one girl looked like she was nodding out lol
Comment from : Vincenzo Proulx

u get paid for LITERALLY sit in a chair doing almost nothing during hours xD the people in the comment section must be brain death xD "oh poor girl she is soo tired, his job suck"
go clean the sewers or work in a coal mine and then we can have a real conversation about a "job that suck"...wtf xD

Comment from : hellkary

poor lass wants to sleep. its like me in class
Comment from : CSGOMercy

where even are the buildings these poor people have to work in?
Comment from : perpleqz

Etsbadbatop Tse
that lady really need some sleeps
Comment from : Etsbadbatop Tse

Chris Manson
15:47 "I find him looking into my soul.." ROFL
Comment from : Chris Manson

〉〉 Unknown
Interesting, 5:40 shes deals herself double 5's, but doesnt even look at the first 5.
Comment from : 〉〉 Unknown

Comment from : ピグ

Bercik Bercik
i would fuck her ass so hard
Comment from : Bercik Bercik

LZ Xcallibr
They are computerised models
Comment from : LZ Xcallibr

Helen Neumann
love your videos but your nutts, lol
Comment from : Helen Neumann

κωνσταντινος γεωργιαδης
Sorry forasking this brother,but you have there around 3k,do you earn more than 2k per month to play those money?i am asking with good manner
Comment from : κωνσταντινος γεωργιαδης

bla 187
lol that dealer change, go, run, save yourself lmao
Comment from : bla 187

Dylan Burns
the dealers seem like they havent slept in days
Comment from : Dylan Burns

Sandro L.
Sorry for calling you a fat bastard, i was mad at you because felt really sorry for her. I dont think she can leave the table when she wants there are must stay here as long as the player is playing if her turn is not complete
Comment from : Sandro L.

Sandro L.
you fat bastard she was falling asleep just switch table you smart ass
Comment from : Sandro L.

I feel confident now after know how to play blackjack from Fallout New Vegas, feel like I'm breaking a bank.
Comment from : boatadd33

Chavez33gambit Farnsworthy33
Looks like she broke night parting, got laid and went to work lmao lol
Comment from : Chavez33gambit Farnsworthy33

Smug Smugly
Missed livestream but watching now and big HELLO to Amanda!
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Sebastian G
what an ending! good for you!
Comment from : Sebastian G

NumberOneZero 0
No HUD card counting software out there?
Comment from : NumberOneZero 0

mich sf
She looks like she needs help xD
Comment from : mich sf

Fatih Güler
What a comeback there!!! I thought that they busted you for good in the end. Those 10's. Beautiful!!!!
Comment from : Fatih Güler

Amit Upadhya
I wish I could provide her a bed
Comment from : Amit Upadhya

Adrian Jenkins
This is fucking hilarious
Comment from : Adrian Jenkins

manuel russo
ma che è una tossica la grupiere???
Comment from : manuel russo

John W
I'm not going to tell how to play.. but when you were at 9:39 you have to look at pattern and percentage chances. On your three seats you only had one 10 so if you look at the pattern (not that there much history there, it was only the 3rd draw) in the history there was a good chance the dealer wasn't going to have 18.... no sure thing but if you look at the pattern i would have said around 4 to 7.... so she had take another card.. didn't really help because she had a 2 but was worth leaving the 12 and taking a card for the 9 hoping it was 10 coming so you could have saved the 18, won the 19 losing the 12.. but as i said I'm not telling how to play. At 9:39 I still wasn't sure how you play.... there can be people who don't know how to play BJ and some know how to play... 2 players can play different but both playing correct..and of course there are people who have no idea how to play BJ... those are the ones who I don't play with... they can get people in to trouble!! :o).... I can't say you play wrong.. just different from the way I play and I can correct my playing as I can understand your playing.
Comment from : John W

John W
What do you mean she wasn't "up beat".. do you think you were!!!?.... if you want her to be up beat... chat to her....are you shy?....
Comment from : John W

Probably a bit mean but you should've took your time on that first table, see if you could get her to fall asleep 😂
Comment from : mrmoo

Man, you inspired me to play some live casino with this video, I never played it before, I made a deposit of £30 and played classic casino, on the 3rd bet I didn't only guess the colour, but also the number. Now I'm waiting for the withdrawal of £200
Comment from : TITAN XVII

she loves her work u can tell
Comment from : nilselmeskov

Seim Old DickHead
You never actually spend any casino wins do you
Comment from : Seim Old DickHead

It’s me M.V
Are those real money?
Comment from : It’s me M.V

SlayinSaiyan 94
God this looks depressing, cool idea, just feels Wierd even watching.

I'm waiting for the day humans never go outside and do everything from home.

It's scary to think how advanced earth is gonna be in 100+ years

Comment from : SlayinSaiyan 94

Steven Kramer
Mate, you been saving the best for last!!! Cheers 👏👏👏
Comment from : Steven Kramer

Legend has it She still running..
Comment from : weerobot

It's only a number...lol...she looked like she'd been awake for hours...lol...I wont play if it looks like staff not treated well...
Comment from : weerobot

Is this real money?
Comment from : MIghtycdog

9:47 When your Eastern European human trafficking operation gets raided by the police.
Comment from : HHHKingofKings58

Man, this bitch looks like she's had a rough day. I always imagine that these rooms are staffed by an Eastern European human trafficking operation.
Comment from : HHHKingofKings58

Mai Va Lee
Yep she tired alright lol....
Comment from : Mai Va Lee

frank white
Least she doesnt have to count chips after every win.
Comment from : frank white

jack unknow
Amazing and sad
Comment from : jack unknow

James S
These are sex trafficking victims that can no longer have sex due to tons of STDS so russians make them donthis
Comment from : James S

Dealer reminds me of "Taken"
Comment from : jhughes19851

is that dealer a drugged human trafficking victim?
Comment from : jhughes19851

Bonafide Hustler - Entrepreneur
Nodding out off drugs prolly
Comment from : Bonafide Hustler - Entrepreneur

Josh J
Fuck me my head is twatted what language is she speaking????
Comment from : Josh J

Josh J
Why does she sound like an alien
Comment from : Josh J

Fatimah Bin Halimah
Came in here looking for $3000 bets. Left sleepy and disappointed.
Comment from : Fatimah Bin Halimah

Acani 60fps
This is so depressing and seems like shes forced to do this
Comment from : Acani 60fps

Acani 60fps
They look so dead inside like robots it looks like they are underground in a cave where they get tortured if they dont do this
Comment from : Acani 60fps

Albert Chan
i am wondering her working hours daily.
Comment from : Albert Chan

Janik Ti
Damn looks like the night shifts hit them
Comment from : Janik Ti

Mikey Estee
Let her sleep! Lol
Comment from : Mikey Estee

Liliene smeers
Its not real this its all programmed dont play there. All fake,cards are not real...
Comment from : Liliene smeers

Dan w
honestly so funny tired dealers lol
Comment from : Dan w

did he say straight flush in blackjack?
Comment from : mynameisray

can dealers see how much youre betting?
Comment from : Cunningflop

Hector Lamar
What a crap job those dealers have.
Comment from : Hector Lamar

mike h
17:56 finally a dealer that is female attractive and awake !!
Comment from : mike h

ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ʙʀᴜʜ
They look so tired hahahaha damn they over work their employees
Comment from : ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ʙʀᴜʜ

Mate this vid is golden! The most amusing video I’ve seen for time definitely subscribed 😂✅ not laughed this hard in a while.
Comment from : TheMrsinghh

that second girl had nice tits
Comment from : Trip-

Banana Duck
wtf even time she closed her eyes she was falling asleep lol
Comment from : Banana Duck

"how the F U D G E R Y D U D G E did that work?"
Comment from : ships.

these dealers look very depressed underpaid tired
Comment from : VIRAL HOUSE

Hasan Heidari
Just counted. If the first player (in the last hand) 27:30 wouldn't have splitted the 7's and stand then dealer would have got 18. You would have won only 1500€ your bet was 2000€ so that's -500€
Comment from : Hasan Heidari

That luck man iT was insane at the end hahaha, deserve it man I love ur vids
Comment from : JohnnyXL

F Flinkan
” you are lucky dealer” wins back the amount. Lol.
Comment from : F Flinkan

F Flinkan
What a noob. Double on soft 17. 😂
Comment from : F Flinkan

Dimitris Dim
Comment from : Dimitris Dim

jonathan Bosma
How not professional, a 50 dollar stake minimum and a sleeping dealer
Comment from : jonathan Bosma

Hugh Neutron
My guy you literally suck at gambling I’ve watched you go from 3,000 to 0 more than 100 times .
Comment from : Hugh Neutron

Bro I feel so bad they probably monitor the chat and when you said she was sleepy they probably sent her out kinda suddenly swapped the dealer
Comment from : mrdestroyer515

Da _playar
Is this for real money :)-
Comment from : Da _playar

Jantje Beekman
Hypa you live in the netherlands? Anyways my man glad you turned a profit !!
Comment from : Jantje Beekman

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