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If you betting 30 dollar max no number less than 30 should appear. Cmon might cash!
Comment from : angrybird8701

Loved the game but couldn’t hear it due to all the background noise.
Comment from : Mitch2294

john Kulpowich
Favourite T V show
Comment from : john Kulpowich

Mark Challed
Mark nice play. When I was there this week I did not see these machines. Looked like fun. Congrats.
Comment from : Mark Challed

Shawn Mcfarland
Have to try this game
Comment from : Shawn Mcfarland

Can't wait to find this one looks great thanks for sharing 🕺
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

Jim Panella Rhino Slots
I've Seen some of the Other You Tubers Play This Sitting right where you are - Looks Like a Lot of Fun - Good Run Peace
Comment from : Jim Panella Rhino Slots

J. D.
The music the machine was playing sounded a bit like Pink Floyd Meddle.
Comment from : J. D.

Aurora Ang
Good luck MG !
Comment from : Aurora Ang

Shhh Slots
That looked like a fun run on that machine! Sorry I missed your premier. So much love and luck from AZ!
Comment from : Shhh Slots

Brenda W
This was interesting to watch. I was pretty happy you kept playing, because I was getting pretty sure you would stop before I got to see the wheel feature. Lol I was wrong!! Good thing I didn't bet on it. Thanks for showing me a game I would have walked right by. Just added another game to my Cosmopolitan list. :)
Comment from : Brenda W

Nancy Sipes
Nice handpays
Comment from : Nancy Sipes

Jack Stearns
Interesting game. We are at Mohegan Sun and three is a new slot you have to try, called Jurassic Trilogy. It is in the sky near the selfie circle behind Blackout and Money Frog. Pretty cool graphics.
Comment from : Jack Stearns

Gimmie Games
+ MGSlots 21 - Nice wins! Glad you enjoyed our new Mighty Cash Triple Up game, Billions :) Thanks for playing and sharing.
Comment from : Gimmie Games

angela felix
Love this show...great wins!
Comment from : angela felix

Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69
NG Slots will love this one great video MG Slots 21
Comment from : Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69

DAyala Musica
Looks like a fun new mighty cash ~ great sessions ~ cheers
Comment from : DAyala Musica

Lottery Time
Nice wins my friends. I like that machine cool features😁👍👍💰💰👍👍
Comment from : Lottery Time

Billy D’s Slot Channel
Nice sessions Mark 👍🤑🎉 this is a pretty fun game but the one thing I noticed when I played it as well as when you played it, is that it doesn’t really give line hits above 5x . The mighty cash feature is the best bonus. Keep spinning my friends
Comment from : Billy D’s Slot Channel

Summer Sims
Congratulations that’s a nice win 🎉🎉
Comment from : Summer Sims

Peter Piper
That was a very nice win over 4 sessions.Do that once a day,never work again! :) Great video,really enjoyed it.Thanks for posting....
Comment from : Peter Piper

Rangi Banks
Nice one Mark and Gretchen, always excellent in every way🥇
Comment from : Rangi Banks

Art Pili
Hey Mark. Have never seen this game, didn't even know there was a tv show called Billions, but thanks for showing us. Nice run except when you got the 12 free games. That was a weak payoff when you're betting $30.  As always, thanks again for sharing and look forward to seeing you get more hand pays!
Comment from : Art Pili

Awoopa_ Paul
It's Handpays day hooray congratulations 👍
Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Belinda Plummer
Nice run Mark as usual, God bless you and Wifey for ,2020😂😇🙌
Comment from : Belinda Plummer

Kyle R
Fun looking game with cool graphics and great bonuses! Thanks for playing it MG 💰💰💰
Comment from : Kyle R

Maryann Kelley
Nice wins Mark. Interesting game.

Comment from : Maryann Kelley

Cousin It
Good-luck 💰🎰

Comment from : Cousin It

Jacob Mabbott
Never seen the show but going to go find it now
Congrats for the profit

Comment from : Jacob Mabbott

Slot Traveler
I agree with your assessment of the cabinet, way to curved and not only it’s tough to film just watching the action is a bit much. Great wins! I thought you were landing the grand. Continued luck!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

JY Slots
Can’t wait to play Billions
Comment from : JY Slots

Mikey The Fish
I think we were in Vegas the same time. I rarely go there! I’ve found the slots don’t treat me the same as my local ones do! Very cool video and never seen that one before! 👍👍
Comment from : Mikey The Fish

Edwin Soto
My favorite slot machine awesome handpay congrats
Comment from : Edwin Soto

Gil Richardson
Nice handpay 🤚
Comment from : Gil Richardson

Jessikah Taylor
Love seeing you play mighty cash, it’s my favorite. And this new billions looks enticing to play!
Comment from : Jessikah Taylor

yolanda leyva
Another GREAT session!!!
Loved it.

Comment from : yolanda leyva

Gil Richardson
I can say mark..that first machine was Hot..then you got it on the second machine. That was awesome
Comment from : Gil Richardson

Jim Wade
Oh cmon MG give me a shout out.
Comment from : Jim Wade

Donna McCann
nice new machine well done i dont think it would pay out much volatile
Comment from : Donna McCann

Patti Smith
Amazing premiere. 🥳🎉💰Wow, huge wins on billions. Love that show. ❤️🍀🍀🍀. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Patti Smith

Fortunate Lady Slots
Loved it! Thanks so much for showing us some new exciting games!! #nice handpays 😘
Comment from : Fortunate Lady Slots

Looks like it's a guaranteed hand pay if you trigger the mighty cash feature with max bet..nice they have huge potential if you fill all three screens up..another great slot video..😀😀👍👍
Comment from : LAS VEGAS KENO /SLOTS

Danny Hague
Congrats, Mark, fun video
Comment from : Danny Hague

Claudia Irons
Excellent and exciting. Billions and Billions!! Lol. Thank you for the video. 💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🏦🤑💵🤑🤑🏦🤑💵💵🤑🏦🏦
Comment from : Claudia Irons

Tony Yee
Had to rewind to catch all the play. Great run across the whole bank.
Comment from : Tony Yee

just saying
Comment from : just saying

Susan Stoffan
Thanks Gretchen and Mark!!
Comment from : Susan Stoffan

Marie Jung
Awesome Wins!😄👍
Comment from : Marie Jung

mark v
Claudia took the words outta my mouth
Comment from : mark v

Loving the videos as always. Keep up the good work guys 👍👍👍
Comment from : dyldan1

Vivian La First
Much nicer intro music
Comment from : Vivian La First

Gambit King714
Comment from : Gambit King714

Claudia theItalianSlotChick
You do such amazing PREMIERES!!! Thank you, Mark! Just pure AWESOMENESS!! 😘
Comment from : Claudia theItalianSlotChick

Cynthia Fischer
What an amazing premier of this game Billions! You guys rocked that bank of machines! Thank you so much for sharing this one. 🍀🍀👍🏻
Comment from : Cynthia Fischer

Mostly Irish Kevin
Woohoo M&G!!!!!! Love your channel - great video and commentary.
Comment from : Mostly Irish Kevin

Mary Louise Stone
Looks like a fun game with the tree screens on the might cash feature. Nice wins.
Comment from : Mary Louise Stone

Gina Nava
Congrats Mg good day
Comment from : Gina Nava

Tony Mason
Mark just wanted to say thanks
From Australia for your donation to the bush 🔥.. very much appreciated mate..thank you 👍👍👍👍

Comment from : Tony Mason

Jeffrey Hare
I wish the thumbs up and thumbs down feature could be disabled until after the video. Haters going to hate (jealous) and haven't even seen the video! Good luck Mark!
Comment from : Jeffrey Hare

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